What is knowledge? How does knowledge come about?
How to rethink knowledge?

Another Knowingledge is an intellectual environment that seeks to foster interdisciplinary engagement with knowledge across the entire breadth of critical, creative, and experimental approaches to epistemology. Anchored primarily but not exclusively in the humanities and social sciences, we inquire into what (all) knowledge is, how knowledge emerges as such, and how we can rethink and rediscover knowledge in alternate and novel ways. Our aim is to create a space that allows us to carry forward our understanding of established categories of knowledge and knowing. Beyond that, we also encourage engagement with those ways of knowing that tend to fall through the cracks of more established, and typically institutionally legitimized, epistemologies. Where there is cultural diversity, there is epistemological diversity. We embrace this diversity and are eager to learn from it.

Another Knowingledge sees epistemological diversity as an opportunity. In the spirit of an ecology of knowledges, we view the wide range of often uncomfortable and conflict-ridden manifestations of knowledge in the world not only as an intellectual challenge, but also as an ethical responsibility. Most importantly perhaps, we choose to think of it as an invitation to encourage productive encounters between epistemologically privileged and academically institutionalized forms of knowledge, on the one hand, and the many epistemic configurations which are often subjugated to them, on the other.